ITALDIFRA®, leader in the design and manufacture of spraying, weed and pest control knapsack equipment for more than 34 years. Continuous improvement of the product range to ensure increasingly better results in terms of safety, reduction of environmental risk and chemical product savings.

The company philosophy has always been oriented to customer satisfaction, guaranteeing the highest quality, competitive prices and a wide range of services. Excellence in terms of both human resources and technologies has been achieved with determination and constancy.



  1. Innovation

    By becoming one of the top companies in the world in terms of technological capacities, with our increasingly qualified human
    resources that allow us to use increasingly innovative machinery.

  2. Reliability

    By fully demonstrating the company’s ability to supply reliable products to its customers.

  3. Quality

    By maintaining leadership in terms of quality.

  4. Efficiency

    By representing the top level of service efficiency and cost effectiveness for these kinds of products.

  5. Satisfaction

    By assuring the full satisfaction of all our customers.


Quality, performance and reliability

A wide range of professional knapsack equipment for spraying, weed and pest control. Electric and manual models have been designed to work out all the spraying
needs; therefore, it is possible to get an excellent distribution of plant protection products and herbicides in an effective, simple and convenient way. The employed material and technologies allow constant performances, long range and extreme precision, as they are based on the low volume and ultra-low volume with controlled droplet.