Pressure Pump
Pressure pump 5 liters. - 3 bar pressure

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Siria is a professional pressure sprayer, with 5 lt. tank, suitable for greenhouses and nursery treatments, in gardening, disinfestations on buildings, etc. It is manufactured with high reliability materials and it is resistant to the chemicals and uv rays corrosion. Siria pressure sprayer is equipped with padded strap, large funnel for an easy liquid filling, safety valve pre-adjusted for the automatic escape of over-pressure (3 Bar), pressure gauge for an immediate check of the internal tank pressure, lever spray gun and thin nozzle that allows pulverizing to the maximum the used substance.

With 6 lt tank, safety valve, pressure gauge

With 6 lt tank, safety valve



With 5 liter tank, safety valve and pressure gauge

With 5 liter tank, safety valve


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