CDA knapsack sprayer

Ultra-low volume controlled dropled knapsack sprayer.

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With Attila® you will treat 1 ha of surface, with a forward movement of 3 km/h (one step per second) using from 12 up to 60 lt of mixture, according to the used nozzle. This specifications make Attila® an optimal sprayer for a large range of uses, even in building and street disinfestation. It works with four AA (LR6) batteries 1,5 V.





Attila N FAT 60000

Attila S FAT 62000
Attila DV FAT 61000

The area covered by micronization is 360 ° and has a diameter of about 160 cm.


Distributes the product on only one sector (180 °), a bulkhead placed on the head allows to adjust the width of the treatment from 30 ° to 160 °. The liquid used is sucked by a pump and recirculated.

Distributes the product to 360 ° with a coverage area of approximately 160 cm in diameter. The double-disc atomizer and float, allow you to have an emission of controlled droplet.


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